The Notification Inbox for your Product.

Add MagicBell to your product to embed a real-time product notifications inbox with intelligent multi-channel delivery. Get started in minutes.

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Notify your users wherever they are. Alert them via Email or SMS if they are not online.

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Notification Preferences

Make it easy for users to manage their notification preferences for different channels. Without writing any code!

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Easy Integration

You’ve got choices, too. Use our API, plugins, or your existing email notifications to provide complete functionality.


Stay focused on your product.
We’ll take care of the notifications.

Notifying users across channels and managing their preferences is not your product's core offering. So why should you have to build and maintain that functionality?

Built-in debugging helps with notification-related customer support requests.

A Fully Featured Notification Experience

Unseen Notifications Badge

Unseen Count

The unseen badge updates the counter each time there is a new notification.

Real Time Notification Updates

Real-time Updates

Notifications keep flowing in real-time, giving your app that snappy feel!

Easily Unfollow Notification Topics

Easy Unfollow

Users can easily unfollow topics or categories they'd rather not be notified of.

Email Notifications to Offline Users

Emails to Offline Users

If a user isn't using your app, we send them an email notification. Automagically!

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